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That is the question.

Boar-A-Scope is committed to help you understand some common questions about borescoping and the benefits that come along with using Boar-A-Scope.

Q: When should a turbine engine be borescoped?

A: There are many reasons why an engine should be borescoped, such as governmental requirements, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements or general requests. Another reason can be simply as a baseline inspection to record engine condition for archival records.

Q: Why should a new turbine engine or newly overhauled turbine engine be borescoped?

A: Borescoping a new engine or newly overhauled engine is very important in establishing a baseline record so future borescoping results can be used to compare engine wear. 

Q: What parts of the engine should be borescoped?

A: Depending on the requirements called out in the inspection, which can be general or very specific, a standard Boar-A-Scope inspection is performed in the following areas: ​

  • Compressor section

  • Combustion section

  • Turbine section 

  • Exhaust section​

Q: Why use Boar-A-Scope for borescoping your turbine engine instead of the Fixed Base Operator (FBO)?

A: Boar-A-Scope is independent and unbiased. Our subject matter experts have years of aviation experience we use to provide you with an independent report. We have no vested interest in the results as to the airworthiness and condition of the turbine engine, which means we provide you with an unbiased report. Boar-A-Scope only provides the results of the borescope inspection, and this is all Boar-A-Scope does. We do not profit from maintenance or engine removals due to the inspection findings.​

Q: Should a borescope inspection include video?

A: While it seems nice to have a video of a borescope inspection, the real answer should be how does the end customer understand the results in evaluating the airworthiness condition of your turbine engine. With Boar-A-Scope, we are able to capture still images to be able to evaluate the condition and create a report for our customer's understanding. All Boar-A-Scope reports are still images for easy evaluation, but recordings can be included, if required, as part of the inspection callout. ​

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