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Boar-A-Scope was established to provide our clients with invaluable understanding of their turbine engine when it is borescoped, and the state of its current condition. In the aviation industry, this knowledge is used to assess the airworthiness of the turbine engine. Boar-A-Scope goes further, helping you understand the engine condition by recording this information so that, in the future, you can compare issues and discern if the condition is deteriorating. 


Boar-A-Scope team members have years of experience and knowledge, making us subject matter experts. This ensures when you get a Boar-A-Scope inspection, you receive a detailed and informative report, which allows you to understand the condition of your turbine engine and make knowledgeable decisions about its condition and airworthiness. 


We at Boar-A-Scope are a team, using the decades of knowledge and skills of everyone to benefit our clients.


Tony Bergeron

Founder and President

Tony Bergeron has been in aviation for over 25 years. He has an array of experience, from airline and helicopter maintenance to large private jets. Over the years of working in the aviation community, Tony has worked both in Canada and the United States, even traveling to Central America to support customers. It is this community of aviation that lead Tony to start Boar-A-Scope. With all the great people met throughout the years, Tony knew he could offer them more than what was currently in the market when it comes to borescoping turbine engines, having put in years of experience honing his skills and knowledge to benefit his clients. 


With more turbine engine manufacturers building engines that have available on-condition maintenance options, Tony knows borescoping is a growing area, which provides more information about your engine condition. With so many innovations and changes happening in the aviation industry, using the Boar-A-Scope team can provide you a much deeper understanding of your engine condition. Viewing with a refined eye to provide our clients with a better visual understanding of the airworthiness condition of their inspected turbine engine is truly why Boar-A-Scope was founded. 

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Team Boar-A-Scope

Team—this is an important word to Boar-A-Scope because, in aviation, having another person to review with a second set of eyes is always better. This is why all our Boar-A-Scope inspections are done as a team. Our Boar-A-Scope inspections provide you with the combined years of knowledge and experience of our team.

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Our Client

At Boar-A-Scope, client is the key to the overall success of Boar-A-Scope. Without our clients, who would we serve? Boar-A-Scope always focuses on the needs of you, our client, ensuring you get the best understanding of your turbine engine from our Boar-A-Scope team. You are truly valued and we will always push ourselves to be the best for you. Our clients, and our team are what makes Boar-A-Scope a successful company. Thank you for being part of "THE TEAM."

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