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Boar-A-Scope was founded by Tony Bergeron, a former original equipment manufacturer field service representative of turbine engines, with over 25 years of aircraft knowledge. Boar-A-Scope utilizes this extensive knowledge to provide you, our client, with greater insight into areas of concern within your engine, helping to provide the best return-on-investment of your turbine engine use. Let Boar-A-Scope inspect your turbine engine and feel the safety of years of experience behind the Boar-A-Scope team and report.  


Boar-A-Scope offers a superior borescope inspection of your turbine engine. Our technicians have years of experience borescoping and understand our clients' needs and their turbine issues. With all the years of experience, we at Boar-A-Scope are Subject Matter Experts. Don't let just anyone inspect your turbine engine, let our Boar-A-Scope team, who do their viewing with a refined eye. We call that your Boar-A-Scope Advantage.


Boar-A-Scope offers our clients many services for borescoping. What sets Boar-A-Scope apart from other companies that offer borescoping is, this is what we do. It's even in our company name "Boar-A-Scope." We focus on offering the best service and give our clients a detailed Boar-A-Scope report so they are able to make an informed, knowledgeable decision on the condition and airworthiness of their turbine engine. 


FOD, or NO FOD? That is the question.

Over the years of being in the aviation industry, you get a lot of questions. Here at Boar-A-Scope, we are committed to help you understand the answers to some common questions about borescoping and the benefits that come along with using Boar-A-Scope. 



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